..let me to tell you a little about my love of building..


I'm Kyle, president/founder of AppStakk LLC. I started this company officially in March of 2018 and so far I feel like things are going well. Recently, we revamped our main page to look a little cooler and also prepared it for blogging.. That being said expect frequent changes to our work, as we are constantly thinking up new things to bolt on.

a little about me...

I started AppStakk to write code. That's it! I love it! So much, in fact that I began taking side work while I was employed at a fairly large aluminum manufacturing facility as one of two "IT" guys. The issue that arose during my tenure there, was even though I was already writing a lot of code, building web pages, etc. for that facility they didn't want to move me out of "IT". Yes, I'm purposely quoting "IT" because we weren't even officially IT we were in engineering.. or some shit. Oh, and "we" was another guy (Steven) and myself, we literally kept the entire facility's information structure up and running and even built new systems to help with business processes, hell we built a system that saved the company millions of $$$ a year in customer returns..

We may have gotten into the trenches and fixed PCs and repaired printers; we even swapped out monitors and keyboards, if the floor operators needed it! We tried to be there in any capacity needed- Which, I think that was my/our first mistake, we made ourselves too indispensable for our own good. Now - this wasn't done purposely by any means, but it's what happens when you really like your work and you feel like you're making a difference. The problem occurs when kindness is taken for granted, and then it is taken advantage of. I'm not pointing a finger at any singular person in general, but this is what ultimately helped me write my resignation and turn it into HR. 

I won't go into explicit details about how every part of this went down, but essentially I applied for a position at the same company for a developer role. They never told me I actually had the position, but they helped me believe that it was going to happen soon. Remember - I was designing systems that improved the process within the plant, I was actively writing code on a day to day basis, so much that it rivaled the actual "developers" that worked at our corporate office. I mean why wouldn't they want someone who knew the process there, already a trusted employee, they knew had a good work ethic (10 years in). Meanwhile, I was killing myself trying to keep machines working on the floor, and also design a new system that would improve a specific flow process throughout the plant. On top of this, the other guy, Steven, was in and out of the office so much working on another project, that some weeks and even months I was doing this alone. I had a few temp hands come in and assist, which without them I wouldn't have gotten anything done, but to no avail I still had to manage their duties. While this was going on I was on call every other week sometimes every consecutive week (when Steven was out). Plus, remember the side work I briefly stated was a thing at the top of this post? I was doing that too.

The place I was at before, The manufacturing facility, wasn't all bad; they built me into what I am today. I learned how to deal with all kinds of broken things there, I mean before I got there I knew computers, I knew software... I could work on electronics, but I left with a plethora of business know-how and troubleshooting strategies that can't be taught. I understand business processes that I don't want to understand!! I also really enjoyed working with a lot of the people there, so leaving wasn't easy by any means. Sometimes, what is easy and what is necessary are two different paths, in my case, that was how I saw it. So after working with them for a decade, I decided to leave and start my own company.

and, that brings us to now...

AppStakk is my creation, but it was developed for you. Crafted into what's going to be a super smooth, super awesome- experience for your business.

We build web apps and web pages, develop new applications for your business processes off the web if needed. We can even be your go to source for maintaining and building your website. Do you need someone, to manage your SEO and social media? BOOM! We got that too!

AppStakk is committed to finding easy, cost effective ways for our clients to get noticed and thrive in today's cyber jungle. Think of us as your web Sherpa; ready to climb the mountain, that is your web presence!

We are experts, in the magical world of the inter webs. Let us show you how to optimize your SEO and really stand out.


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