Posted 6 months ago by -Deb Leggett

Steps to a NEW YOU

Hey everyone, sorry its been a busy few weeks. I wanted to start the year off blogging, as you can see I am late. Last year went so fast! So here we are in 2019 and I have a few questions for you? Are you living your best life? If the answer is no then what is stopping you? Is your heath where you want it to be? I have been on a health journey that actually started in October 2016 with a decision to get healthy! I have had my fair share of health issues so I am no stranger to being sick, frustrated, tired, mad you name it.... I also have multiple surgeries to many to name as it gets embarassing......I was there both mentally and physically. I was weighing in at 250# and I was miserable, sick all the time and always in pain. (But I hid it from everyone or atleast I thought I did) In December 2016, I took the plunge head first on my health journey. It has been a roller coaster of emotionals, trials and successes. I had good success with weight loss the first year after having Gastric sleeve surgery then guess what nothing....The scale didnt move for over a year. I secretly watched my sisters success with a Ketogenic approach thinking WHAT is she doing? Shes a nurse that cannot be good..... yet I was seeing her success and transforming into a healthier version of herself. In July 2018, I decided to try her approach (this ketogenic rage) and immediately saw awesome movement in the scale. As I began to research, I realized all the health benefits people were having and I became a believer. I am on my 7th month now and I am healthier and happier than I have been in over 30 years. I have newfound energy I had lost and a desire to get up and do things I have not had the desire to do in years. Besides the weight loss (I like to call a pleasant side effect) I have regained my life. Now my reasoning for being so transparent in a public manner is to say if you are where I was, know you can change your life, no matter what size, what weight or what age. I research constantly, thats the Nurse Practitioner in me.  I am always reading the science behind the keto way of eating and all the things it has done for me. I have put my Systemic Lupus in remission and dropped my Triglycerides from 360 to 58 and reversed my insulin resistance. If you need help, I invite each of you reading this to call the clinic and come see Kathy or myself in Jackson or Tammy in our Trezevant location.Here is to a HAPPY HEALTHY 2019.