Posted 7 months ago by -Deb Leggett Last Updated 5 months ago

Getting Healthy During the Holidays

Well the Hoildays are fast approaching. I dont know about you but I am struggling with keeping on my healthy eating routine. Just the mere mention of Thanksgiving, suddenly I crave chocolate and cookies. I had a patient ask me today how do I even get started to lose weight? Here is my best advice-DONT try to tackle any weight loss with an all or nothing approach. I did that for years and I failed over and over. Just start out by writing your goals down, take 1-2 things (goals) each week you want to work on. I started out with a goal to get in 64 ounces of water a day. Then the next week I added another goal. It takes approximately 3 weeks to form a habit and for those who have alot of weight to lose, breaking a healthy eating plan down in small bits and pieces makes it less overwhelming. I have decided I will not let these two major (eating) holidays stress me out-ruin the progress I have made. Its 2 days-and that doesnt define me or the progress I have made the last 2 years. Am I going to stumble? Of course but I will get back up and you can too. Need help getting started on a healthy plan? Come see me at the clinic I will be glad to help you get started.