Posted 5 months ago by -Deb Leggett

Weight gain during the Holidays

Did you know the average person gains 7-10 pounds between Thanksiving and Christmas? WOW. Is that going to be you this year? I have vowed it is NOT going to be me. How hard is it to avoid those tasty treats at the Holidays? For most of us, including myself, it can be very hard. This time of the year reps and patients bring us goodies all the time! Do I give in? Yes sometines but I try to get right back on track. Losing weight is very hard but it can be done. Our standard Amercian diet (or SAD as it is refferred to) is full of carbs and unnecessary nutrients to our bodies. We do not need sugar to sustain life, regardless of what you may have been told. I have read some etimates that sugar is like 10x the addiction that some drugs are. Type II Diabetes is a caused by insulin resistsnce when we secrete too much insulin and it is stored as fat in our bodies. Make a commitment, not a resolution for this not to be you this year. Let us help you get on a healthy track. Diets dont work, lifesyle changes do but you need to optimize other aspects like thyroid and hormones to ensure you are set up for success. Call us today and let us get you on track with your health. 731-265-6197