Posted 4 months ago by -Deb Leggett

Self care

Just recently I discovered just how important self care is. I preach it all day long to my patients but I was guilty of putting everyone elses needs first. It is not is necessary. So ladies we are definitely the worst. We feel our needs do not matter. We take care of the kids, our husbands and most women handle all this and work outside the home. Even if you're a stay at home mom you still need a break. You need adult interaction. To be our best physically and emotionally, take time for yourself. Breathe, take a hot bath, a walk, a lunch date with a friend, something that brings you joy. I became physically sick because I did not take time to enjoy my own life. Now I take atleast one day a week to have lunch with my daughter or my sister, I get my nails- done something that destresses me. And guess what? I am much happier. Heres to a long happy life!